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Experience & Education

Experience & Education

Ambition is the steam that drives men forward on the road to success. Only the engine under full steam can make the grade.
— Maxi Foreman

My Experience

Director of Sales & Marketing

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Principal Owner


Co-FOUNDER & Partner*


Philanthropic Language Consultation

Co-founder, niat live*

Gov’t Lobbyist*

National Defense Policy Committee*

Award-Winning Author


Founder & Consulting Director**


Currency Trader*

Conservative Party of Canada, President & CEO


Logistics Technical Stores Quartermaster*


Private Security Contractor*

* = Former Position
** = Company Acquired

Where I’ve Worked

Chris working remotely from his flat in Baja Mexico.
No one realizes how beautiful it is to travel until he comes home and rests his head on his old, familiar pillow.
— Lin Yutang

My Education

The whole educational and professional training system is a very elaborate filter, which just weeds out people who are too independent, and who think for themselves, and who don’t know how to be submissive, and so on – because they’re dysfunctional to the institutions.
— Noam Chomsky
  • Legal Studies: Contract Law

  • Astrobiology: Super-Earths and Life

  • Epidemiology: Lessons from Ebola- Preventing the Next Pandemic

  • Business & Management: Project Management

  • Legal Studies: Cyberwar, Surveillance and Security

  • Lifesciences: Dog Emotion and Cognition

  • Business Training & Sales Systems
    (the only Uni on this list which has 10x my money)



My take on formal education…

I've never made big money with what I learned in school. In our information based society it is more useful to learn how to find facts rather than memorize them, how to make sales, build wealth, and how to react creatively to change. In my experience, schooling does little more than obliging people to accept the grading system as a measure of their inner excellence.

We are no longer living in the Industrial Era and need not continue churning out obedient workers and consumers

Schools are designed on the assumption that there is a secret to everything in life; that the quality of life depends upon knowing that secret; that secrets can only be known in orderly successions; and that only teachers can properly reveal these secrets. An individual with a schooled mind conceives of the world as a pyramid of classified packages accessible only to those who carry the proper tags.
— Ivan Illich